Prevent A Claim

We’ve seen a lot and have a few ideas to help you avoid claims altogether.

Prevent A Claim

We’ve seen a lot and have a few ideas to help you avoid claims altogether.

Tips To Prevent A Claim

  • Inspect your roof for needed repairs before the bad weather season for your area.
  • Check your washing machine and dishwasher hoses regularly. Hoses can deteriorate after five years and are a common cause of flooding. If you’re going on a long vacation, turn off the water supply for these appliances.
  • Check your automatic icemaker occasionally for leaks. Turn the icemaker off and empty the ice bin if you will be away from home for a while.
  • Consider installing an alarm system. This can discourage an intruder and you also may receive a premium credit on your policy.
  • Install water leak and freeze detectors to provide early notification and reduce potential damage.
  • Turn off the house water supply before taking a prolonged vacation.
  • Follow your local authorities’ guidance about securing your home if you are evacuating in advance of a fire or storm.

Plan Ahead

Most policies not only cover the structure of your house but the contents as well. That’s why it’s important to make a detailed inventory of what’s inside your home. Recovering from an emergency event will be a lot easier if you:

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