5 Items You May Be Underinsuring


Standard home insurance policies limit coverage on certain types of personal property. See if your home has these commonly underinsured items.

1. Jewelry

A typical home policy may limit coverage to $1,500 per item. Many find that amount insufficient to replace a wedding ring or heirloom piece if lost. And don’t forget watches fall into this category!

2. Electronics

Gamer computers can run in the thousands, but not all home or renter policies provide coverage this high. There could also be a cap on the aggregate coverage of electronics—meaning the total value of all your TVs, laptops and the like could exceed your coverage limits.

3. Collectibles

Yes, we’re talking about your stamp collection! Plus, sports memorabilia, trading cards and comic books

4. Artwork

Investing in fine art has become a hot trend. But as you hope your painting increases in value, its protection is likely capped in your home policy.

5. Guns

Hobbyists and hunters alike may find that owning just a few guns could exceed their included coverage.

Wondering why insurance companies limit coverage for these items? Doing so allows them to keep policies affordable for most people. For example, you wouldn’t want the premium you pay to be inflated because the insurance company must account for the chance you have fine art—if in fact art isn’t your thing.

The bottom line is one size doesn’t fit all. That’s why Scheduled Personal Property coverage exists, allowing you to add extra coverage for a specific item

Think you could be underinsured? Talk to a Westwood agent today about Scheduled Personal Property coverage.