5 Kitchen Trends for 2024

Modern Kitchen in a Home

Ready for your dream kitchen? The National Kitchen & Bath Association has released their much-anticipated 2024 Kitchen Trends Report. More than 600 designers, manufacturers, contractors and architects shared their thoughts on what’s cooking – from a design perspective that is – in the 2024 kitchen.

1. Kitchen Islands – No change here: the bigger the better. As formal dining rooms have waned in popularity, eat-in kitchens have taken their place. Plus, our kitchens are more versatile than ever. They serve as the family gathering place, homework central, and work-from-home station. (Tip: Make sure your island has sufficient electrical outlets to support all the ways you use it.)

2. Let There Be Light – Natural light from large windows, open floor plans and patio doors continue to be popular in and around kitchens. Beyond that, it’s about “multiple layers of lighting,” including using ambient lighting to create a cozy space. Technology is also a factor when it comes to lighting. Lights that turn on with motion or voice activation are popular, as well as lights that can be programed around your schedule.

3. Move Over White Cabinets – Just a few years ago, all white kitchens were the rage, including white cabinets. Now, wood has edged out white for the top cabinetry color. This reflects a trend to warm up spaces in the home. In terms of cabinet style, NKBA reports that contemporary, modern, mid-century, and Scandinavian designs will be popular. Expect to see more flat panel designs that are free of hardware and feature push-to-open technology.

4. Gold Finishings – This year, 49.5% of respondents said gold was the top metallic for kitchen faucets, inching out stainless steel which has long been the leader. Black came in third. Design experts still say it’s okay to mix and match metallic tones, as you move past faucets to cabinet hardware and lighting fixtures.

5. Elevated Beverage Stations – Move over butler pantry, enter beverage station. Today’s homeowners are looking for a dedicated space to prepare their morning coffee or make an after-work cocktail. Look for more incorporation of sinks, refrigeration, and water dispensers for added functionality.

Typically, a kitchen renovation increases the value of your home. This means you’ll need to update your home insurance policy to ensure proper protection. If you’re considering a kitchen re-do in 2024 to stay on trend, talk to your Westwood agent to make sure your home insurance policy has you adequately covered.

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