5 Kitchen Trends that Stand the Test of Time


Simply designed, classic elements never seem to go out of style. According to the 2023 Houzz Kitchen Trends Study, nearly half of homeowners are sticking with the tried and true during renovations. Anchoring your kitchen with these timeless elements will help create a solid foundation with long-lasting appeal that you won’t need to update any time soon. What’s more, these classic, neutral elements make it easy to swap out accessories, colors, and textures to change the look and feel over the years without the expense of a remodel.

1. Stick with clean, bright white

From cabinets to backsplash, all white kitchens have been a solid choice for decades. And according to Better Homes & Gardens , they’re here to stay. White as a foundation is like a bright, clean canvas. You can accessorize with colors and textures, and mix matte and shiny finishes. Plus, white makes a room look larger and helps reflect light to keep things bright and cheery.

2. Subway tile

Keep it simple when it comes to your backsplash. Subway tile is easy on the eyes, easy to clean, and easy to install. And talk about tried and true…subway tile has been a popular choice for over 100 years with no signs of slowing down.

3. Sinks—the bigger the better

A deep, wide farmhouse-style kitchen sink is not only practical, it adds a hint of charm to an otherwise boring kitchen necessity. From rustic country kitchens to sleek modern kitchens, this sink is a fashionable kitchen fixture that’s here to stay.

4. Polished silver and stainless steel

Stainless steel appliances and polished silver finishes are kitchen trends with true staying power. The perfect combination of neutrality and style, they can support either an upscale or minimalistic look, integrating seamlessly into any kitchen style your heart desires.

5. Shaker-style cabinets

A number one homeowner preference for years, their clean lines and classic look continues to be the most popular for kitchen cabinets. Available in sleek and simple or accented with decorative edging, the signature flat-front Shaker design complements a variety of kitchen styles.

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