7 Unexpected Things Covered by Homeowners Insurance


Many people know that their homeowners policy will cover a wide range of claims, from fires and vandalism to lightning strikes and tree falls. However, a standard policy covers more than just your roof and what’s beneath it, and in some ways, it even has you covered when you’re not at home at all. Damage from asteroids, stolen tombstones, and vandalism in your prize-winning garden are just some of the unexpected losses that your homeowners insurance policy can cover.

Damage from space debris and volcanos

Suppose a falling object, such as part of a satellite, causes damage to your house. In that case, your insurance carrier will likely cover repairs, as falling objects like space debris and asteroids are covered under most standard homeowners policies. While an earthquake is not generally covered, if your home is in the path of an erupting volcano, damage from a volcanic blast, airborne shockwaves, lava flows, and ash is often included in a homeowners policy.

Items you own, even when they’re off your property

Typically, homeowners insurance covers your personal belongings, including items in a storage locker or university dormitory. Most policies will cover your belonging wherever you go, thanks to an “off-premises” provision that ensures your belongings are protected even if they’re lost with your stolen luggage. However, for expensive items, like jewelry, high-end electronics, or titanium road bicycles, talk to your Westwood agent to see if you’d benefit from an additional endorsement or policy.


According to the Insurance Information Institute, non-commercial drones are usually covered, even when flown off your property. This can include some liability claims, no-fault medical claims, and the theft or loss of your drone. Be sure to check with your Westwood agent, as some limits may apply depending upon your insurance carrier.

Other structures on your property

Your homeowners policy can also cover other structures on your property, such as patios, fences, sheds, and gazebos. Even doghouses are included in most policies, so treat your furry best friend to a great outdoor retreat. If you add a structure to your property, be sure to disclose it to your Westwood agent ahead of time to document the coverage.

Prized plants

If you have a green thumb or are just worried about what might happen if someone drives through your landscaping, you can rest assured that damage to your lawn caused by lightning, fire, vandalism, or a passing vehicle is usually covered by a standard homeowners policy. Trees, shrubs, and plants can all be replaced, often up to $500 per item, provided they were properly maintained before the damage.

Grave markers

Even though they’re most often located off your property, gravestones, burial vaults, and statuaries are covered under most homeowners policies, usually up to $5,000 worth of damage. This means your insurance will reimburse you in the event of a stolen headstone or will pay for repairs in the event damage is caused by fire, a falling object, or even vandalism.

Unauthorized use of ATM, credit, or debit cards

A standard homeowners policy will reimburse policyholders up to $500 in losses if someone uses your debit, ATM, or credit cards to steal money or buy items. This coverage can sometimes also extend to counterfeit cash and forged checks. However, it’s important to remember that while your homeowners policy may cover you, you should report the loss to the card issuer first. Credit and debit card companies will often reverse or reimburse the charges if you report the incident within 48 hours of discovering it.

A homeowners policy covers more than just your house, which can mean added peace of mind for you and your family. Be sure to contact Westwood today to evaluate your current policy’s coverage or find new coverage to suit your needs. You can also visit our products page to learn more or get a quote.