Auto Recalls are Rising in the U.S.


In the United States, over 100 billion pieces of junk mail are delivered to residences every year. However, there is one piece of mail that is often overlooked which has a direct relation to your well being when you are in a car: a safety recall notice.

Last year , over 30 million cars in the U.S. were recalled, with more than 400 separate issues found to pose safety risks to drivers. From 2009-2019, 41 million cars were recalled on average, increasing 21 percent year over year. Yet, 40 percent of consumers ignore safety recalls altogether due to various factors.

Recalls are initiated by car manufacturers and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) to protect drivers from potentially serious accidents when on the road. Handling recalls in a timely manner is important, but it’s also easy to do. Here’s what to expect if your car has a safety recall:

Check the mail (in the physical and digital form)

Safety recalls happen because there is one or more serious issues that have been found with the type of car you have. This could be a problem with your steering wheel, fuel system and more. Once they are identified, car companies are responsible for sending notices to consumers.

Often, these notices are sent through the mail but can also be emailed. Sometimes it’s from manufacturers or auto dealerships. If you have your car’s vehicle identification number, you can do a free search for current recalls on the NHTSA website.

Make the time, make the appointment

Taking a car in for service is rarely fun. But in this case, a recall is a good reason to bring yours in for service. There is no expiration date for a recall, so you can bring in your car at any time.

Usually there is a number to call and set up an appointment to verify that your car has a defection and that it needs to be addressed. Depending on the severity, car companies and manufacturers make extended efforts to detail the type of work needed and the length of time it may be in the shop.

Best of all, it costs you nothing

That’s right, addressing a recall is free to you. No matter the size of the job, the auto shop or dealer takes care of the rest.

Depending on how long your car is out of commission, you may be able to get a car on loan from a dealership or rental reimbursement through your auto insurance policy.

Not having a car is inconvenient. But addressing a safety issue is an important decision that can prevent a serious accident down the road.

Make sure your car is a safe one anytime you’re on the road by getting adequate service and having insurance through Westwood. Get a quote , or talk to an agent today.