Can Going Green Keep More Green in Your Pocket?


On New Year’s Eve, many people resolve to decrease waste, give back to the environment, and use more sustainable options in their daily lives, and many of these habits can start at home. The great news is that some eco-friendly options can even help save you money. If you’re thinking about making your home eco-friendlier in 2022, we’ve got some tips to help you get started.

Build green

If you’re building your home or planning to remodel, consider following the standards set by LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design). Their Green Building Rating System is a recognized environmental standard developed by the U.S. Green Building Council, which encourages the design of efficient and sustainable homes. A more energy-efficient home can save you money on energy costs, but it may also help you save on your insurance policy. If your home is LEED-certified, you can submit this certification to your insurers as proof of conformance, which may qualify you for a discount on your premiums.

Conserve Energy

You can make many small changes around your home to help the environment and save money. According to, simply switching to medium-colored drapes with white plastic backing can help to reduce heat gains by 33%, which decreases the amount of energy your air conditioner needs to expend. Similarly, drapes can also help your home retain heat in colder weather, meaning that upgrading your window dressings can lead to saving on your energy bill. You can also save by keeping your home slightly warmer in the summer and somewhat cooler in the winter and using a smart thermostat to optimize the temperature in your home throughout the day and night.

Choose energy-efficient options

Another way to help your wallet and the environment is to switch to Energy Star-rated appliances or smart home products to make your home more efficient. Some insurance companies will even offer discounts on your home insurance for installing Energy Star-rated appliances, and you can save on energy costs with these more efficient models. Depending upon your carrier, other devices that may qualify you for an insurance discount can include installing smart devices, such as intelligent water sensors that shut off water sources when leaks are detected.

Environmentally friendly

Another great way to incorporate more eco-friendly habits into your daily routine is to make space and time for giving back to the environment. Consider composting. Currently, about 50% of waste in landfills is compostable, and by composting at home, you can also improve the health of your lawn. Other ways to give back to the environment include planting wildflowers to support bees, planting trees, or starting a community garden.

The new year offers an excellent opportunity to take steps to be more sustainable, and many of these actions can even save you money. Even small steps can pay off. For example, you can save trees by agreeing to receive bills and policy documents electronically, and many insurers will give you a paperless discount. Be sure to start the year by reporting any changes to your agent to ensure you’ve got the best coverage and price and to see if you qualify for any discounts on your policy. Contact Westwood Insurance Agency today, or get a quick quote on a new insurance product.