Can You Afford an AC Breakdown? The Repair Cost May Surprise You

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When one of your home appliances stops working, it can be costly, not to mention time consuming, trying to obtain quotes for the best price to get it fixed. Here are the average repair costs of common home appliances and systems and what you can do to protect yourself from unexpected breakdowns.

Average Repair Cost of Home Appliances

  • Washing machine: $100-$400
  • Dryer: $100-$300
  • Refrigerator: $125-$500
  • Freezer: $100-$400
  • Oven: $150-$350
  • Dishwasher: $100-$300
  • Garbage Disposal: $100-$250
  • Water heater: $150-$700
  • Water softener: $150-$600
  • Water filtration system: $100-$500

Average Repair Cost of HVAC Systems

  • Air Conditioner: $450-$2,000
  • Furnace: $130-$1,200
  • Heat Pump: $200-$2,000

Homeowners insurance does not cover household appliances or heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, but you can get a home warranty service agreement to pay for covered breakdowns and avoid any surprise bills. Westwood Insurance Agency offers three plans to choose from:

1. Simply Kitchen: Protects kitchen appliances like your dishwasher and refrigerator.

2. Complete Home: Offers more protection, combining appliance coverage and major systems such as, plumbing and electrical.

3. Pinnacle Home: Maximizes protection for your kitchen appliances, washer and dryer, heating and cooling, plumbing, and electrical.

There are also options to add coverage for things like a septic system, well pump, pool/spa equipment, or an additional refrigerator or freezer.

You may begin requesting service 30 days after you purchase an annual contract. Homes, systems, and appliances of any age are eligible as long as they’re in good working order when the coverage term begins.

If you’re interested in a home warranty service agreement to help cover the cost to repair or replace home appliances and systems that break down, contact your Westwood agent for a free, no-obligation quote.

Please Note: This article is for general informational and educational purposes only. It does not represent any specific insurance policy and does not modify any provisions, limitations, or exclusions of any current policy.