Is Your Home Ready for Winter?

Snow on Home in Winter

After a hot summer, the beginning of October signals the change from summer to fall and then winter. With soaring temperatures for most of the country throughout the last few months, our wardrobes will transition from light to layered.

With a little bit of forward thinking, you can save some time and money by getting your house ready for winter now, and enjoy more of the holiday season.

Inside maintenance

While many of us are still using our air conditioning to the fullest, October is usually a good time to get a winter tune up for your heating system. A licensed professional can check to make sure your unit is working properly, and get any issues sorted before a potential problem is made worse down the line.

With cooler temperatures, it’s also a good idea to check any older windows and doors for drafts that could nullify the work your heating system is doing. Sealing any air from entering or escaping your home can save you money on your heating bills.

Outside work

Taking preventative measures outside of your home can be as important as what you do inside of it. Try to attend to any front or backyard needs before it gets too cold to do so.

Wrapping any exposed pipes could save you big if you live in an area where the temperature drops below freezing and keep them from bursting. Cleaning your gutters can also be beneficial when snow melts and so it drains properly away from your home’s foundation. If you have trees, check for any limbs that could fall on your home and put away outdoor furniture or items that could be damaged by snow or cold winds.

Décor galore

Having the right décor can make your space the go-to choice for gatherings with family and friends. An inviting atmosphere just needs a few simple changes to transform your home into a winter retreat no one could turn down visiting.

It can help you save money

Warm colors and earthy tones can create the feeling of warmth in a home. This can be done by changing blankets or throws on a couch to seasonal colors, or replacing some lights with bulbs that give off a warmer glow. The aroma of scented candles such as winter spices or trees, like pine or oak, can also add another layer of comfort.

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