Steps to Take if Your Car Gets Stolen


There is nothing more unpleasant than finding that your car got stolen. Walking towards your car parking and not seeing your vehicle may not be easy for you. However, you need to stay calm and take action quickly.

Here are the steps that you can take if your car gets stolen:

Are you sure your car got stolen?

Stay calm and remember if this is where you had parked your car. Look around to see if it is a no-parking zone. If it is, your vehicle could have been towed away. Did you miss your car loan payments? If yes, your car could have been forfeited by your lender.

Report it

If you are sure that your car is stolen, you need to report it to the police. They will ask you some important details, such as your driver’s license number and license plate number. The police may also ask additional questions about the description of your car.

Check your car insurance policy

After reporting the incident to the police, you may want to check whether your car insurance offers stolen coverage. If you are unsure, you can contact your insurance agent and ask them.

Even if you don’t have car insurance that offers theft coverage, you must still inform your agent. It will protect you from any liabilities if your car is used for illegal or criminal acts.

Move on

Finally, learn your lesson and forget the incident. However, take steps to ensure the safety of your car. Make sure you have a GPS to track the location of your vehicle.

As you leave your vehicle in the parking zone, always double-check if it is locked, and the area is well-lit. Consider taking a cab if you have to visit a sketchy neighborhood. Also, have the right car insurance to protect your vehicle.

If your car goes missing, the right car insurance policy can help you recover some of the expenses. For assistance with all your coverage needs, contact an insurance professional at Westwood Insurance Agency today. We will help you choose the right insurance that meets your unique needs and budget.