Will My Home Insurance Cover Water Damage from Rain?


A standard homeowners insurance policy covers your home’s physical structure, personal belongings, and third-party liabilities. The named perils on such a policy include, among others, fire, vandalism, theft, certain natural disasters, and water damage.

Here’s some more information about homeowners insurance coverage in regards to rain damage.

What kinds of rain damage will be covered by home insurance?

While a standard home insurance policy covers sudden and accidental water damage, it may also cover water damage that occurs gradually due to a sudden or accidental situation.

Some of the rain-related perils covered by a standard home insurance policy include:

  • Wind-driven rain – If heavy winds such as storms or tornadoes drive rain into your house, home insurance will cover the resulting water damage.
  • Rain, snow, and ice dams – If a heavy ice dam or snow falls on your roof, causing it to suddenly collapse and let water into your home, your home insurance will cover both the water damage caused and the fallen roof.
  • Mold infestations – Your home insurance policy will cover any mold or mildew damage resulting from the sudden or accidental entry of water into your property. For instance, if the mold results from heavy winds breaking your window and causing water to enter your home, the insurance company will pay for the resulting mold damage.
  • Vandalism – If your home is broken into during rain, causing water to enter and damage your belongings, your insurer will pay for the resulting water damage. Take note that some insurers limit theft and vandalism coverage for unoccupied houses to 30 days or less.

What kinds of rain damage are not covered?

If rain damage happens gradually, your insurer could consider this negligence of property maintenance and repair, and therefore, may not cover the damage. The same is also true for heavy rains that cause flooding in your home. This is because the standard homeowners insurance policy does not cover water damage from floods. To protect your property against weather-related water damage, you can purchase a standalone flood insurance policy.

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