5 Smart Home Renovation Tips to Increase Resale Value


You can increase your home’s resale value by completing a few renovations. Here are upgrades to consider before selling.

1. Refurbish your kitchen cabinetry

Giving your kitchen a modern look can increase its value. Not everyone likes the avocado green from the ‘70s, so try a neutral color like white to appeal to more potential buyers. Also, if you choose to replace rather than simply refresh, choosing the right materials can boost your property’s value by up to 20 percent. While upgrades like granite countertops can add value, you’ll may want to crunch the numbers and assess cost versus return on investment before deciding.

2. Upgrade the bathroom

An outdated bathroom can impact the overall price of your home. Much like the kitchen, refurbish cabinets and stay away from dated colors and wallpaper. Revamp key amenities, such as installing eco-friendly toilets. Keep in mind that not all features require changing. Items that add an element of uniqueness may be a nice touch to give your home character. For example, you can keep the brass swan handles, as they can add an element of elegance to the look of modern bathroom doors. You can also retain any Czech crystal beaded tiles.

3. Consider a LED retrofit

If your house has traditional incandescent lighting, consider replacing it with LEDs. High-quality, ENERGY STAR-rated residential LEDs can use 75 percent less energy and usually last 25 times longer. Most buyers looking for eco-friendly housing will certainly prefer LED lighting to traditional alternatives.

You can consider LED lights in the 2700K range as they give out a unique yellow glow that most home buyers associate with luxury. What’s more, LED retrofits aren’t expensive at all.

4. Upgrade your outdoor living spaces

Outdoor living spaces contribute to your property’s overall curb appeal. With people spending more time at home these days, there’s a growing need to provide superior exterior living spaces. Practical upgrades can include:

Practical upgrades can include:

  • Screened-in porches
  • Beautiful yards with leafy plants, grass, shrubs, trees, etc
  • Outdoor barbecue areas
  • Hardscapes
  • Paved patios

These exterior upgrades can boost your home’s value by 80 percent or higher. Plus, high-quality outdoors appeal to a broad spectrum of homebuyer demographics and family dynamics.

5. Ditch the carpets and polish your hardwood floors

Glamorous floor options have reduced the overall appeal and popularity of carpets among homeowners. If you have older, dull-looking hardwood floors, consider refinishing them. If you’re looking to replace your carpets with flooring, we suggest avoiding high-gloss options. Water-based and matte hardwood floor finishes are currently very popular and can help boost your property’s value.

Implementing these home improvement ideas can help fetch a higher market price for your property. For assistance with all your homeowners coverage needs after upgrading your home or if you put your home on the market, contact the experts at Westwood Insurance Agency today.