5 Things to Think About When Downsizing to a New Home

Couple Sitting on Floor Resting and Eating During Moving Into New Home

Growing families often speak of the need for more space when choosing to buy a new home. The opposite is also true when a larger home is no longer meets the needs of a family that has gotten smaller.

Downsizing gives families the opportunity to simplify, declutter and have a home that fits into a more manageable lifestyle. As recently as 2020, downsizing accounted for 28 percent of all real estate transactions in the United States.

There may not be a better time to make the switch, with home values at record highs. If you are thinking about downsizing soon, here’s how you can make the process efficient and spend more time adding your personal touch to a new, smaller place.

Do your homework

There is no one-size-fits-all process when it comes to moving, and doing some early research never hurts. It is good idea to think critically about what you want in this next phase of your life. It might be staying in the same city or town, or just a different part of a region. Or, you might want to take the plunge and move to the destination of your dreams, where your money could go much further.


Deciding what to keep and what to part with is one of the toughest parts of any move. Doing a deep dive and separating everything into what to keep, what to donate and what to discard will save you valuable time later. Start with smaller items, working your way up to clothes and then to furniture.

Maximize your new space

Getting used to a smaller place can take some time, but you can make that transition easier by maximizing every bit of usable space you have available. You may not need a lot of new furniture, but the pieces you do have to buy should serve multiple purposes. Multfunctional furniture is a way to do this, adding style and storage to your home.

Give yourself time

Any major life decision deserves careful thought and consideration. Take the time before making any decision to lay out the pros and cons, and what is best for you and your future. Leaving a home with lasting memories is not easy to do, even if it is for good reasons such as size and saving money.

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