8 Ways in Which You Can Help Conserve the Environment


Earth Day is on April 22nd, and it continues to hold great importance concerning environmental sustainability goals. According to the Paris Agreement, there could be major climate catastrophes if global temperatures don’t stay within 2 degrees Celsius of preindustrial levels. However, sustainability isn’t the sole responsibility of industrialists, corporate organizations, and the government. As highlighted below, you too can play an important role as an individual to conserve the environment and help humanity achieve sustainability goals.

Here are a few ways in which you can play an important role in conserving the environment.

1. Repair your leaky faucets

A leaky bathroom or kitchen faucet results in a substantial waste of water over time. Those tiny drops can add up and increase your water bill. To avoid wasting your water in this way, tighten drippy fixtures right away.

2. Use the stairs instead of the elevator

Elevators are powered by electricity and contribute to carbon emissions. You can take the stairs instead to reduce energy consumption. Plus, climbing stairs makes for great exercise and is good for your health.

3. Embrace reusable straws

Some studies indicate that billions of plastic straws pollute beaches around the globe. Many of these straws end up contaminating the world’s oceans, turning them into unsafe habitats for certain marine species. You can ditch plastic for reusable straws made from bamboo, silicone, or other eco-friendly materials.

4. Use public transportation or cycle to work

Personal cars on the highways are a major contributor to carbon emissions and climate change. There are more eco-friendly options, such as carpooling or taking public transit to work. If you’d like to exercise on your way to and from the office, consider cycling wherever practical. Remember that you’ll be saving on gas while you’re at it!

5. Go “green” at home

You can make your home eco-friendlier without necessarily investing in a costly makeover. While some households go the extra mile and switch to solar energy, you can still make an impact with little changes like using energy-efficient lighting. You save on power costs too when you cut down energy usage at home.

6. Try DIY fixes

You don’t have to replace everything that’s broken at home. Sometimes, you may be able to fix, repurpose, or upcycle household items. Many of the gadgets and tools that households discard end up in landfills, escalating environmental pollution.

7. Use less paper

It’s time to go paperless to help preserve trees. These days, you can have your bank statements and utility bills delivered via email. Travel tickets, receipts, and other everyday documents may also be available in digital formats. You can even start reading eBooks instead of paperbacks.

8. Calculate your carbon footprint

After taking steps to reduce your contribution to climate change, you may want to measure outcomes by calculating your current carbon footprint. You can do something to fix it after determining how much carbon dioxide your everyday routine produces. Carbon footprint calculators are available for free online and are easy to use.

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