Preparing for a Home Inspection Before Selling Your Home


Everyone wants their home sale to go smoothly. Getting your own home inspection before accepting an offer could keep the deal from falling through.

Not only will buyers appreciate the information, but it can also help you understand what problems your home has right now that need to be addressed. Below are a few tips to help you get the most out of your home inspection.

Take care of known repairs before the inspection

Hiring a home inspector who tells you what you already know isn’t helpful or cost effective. The following are common, yet significant, problems that can be deal-breakers for a potential buyer.

  • A leaking roof or other places where moisture enters the home.
  • Worn wiring—hire a professional because this often requires a permit.
  • Clogged or old plumbing.
  • Structural problems like sloping floors or foundation cracks.

If you choose not to fix known issues when getting your home ready for sale, you may want to consider lowering your home price to account for the buyer handling the repair.

Organize and declutter

Being clutter-free and organized helps make a good first impression and sets the tone for a positive inspection. It also helps an inspector navigate your home easily so they can focus on the task at hand.

Keep all areas accessible. Make sure nothing is blocking access to the attic, crawlspaces, or basement.

Don’t overlook your yard when you’re preparing for the inspector’s visit. Rake leaves and put away yard waste so the inspector can see the foundation and structure. Make sure your gutters are clear and clean with no signs of water backup or overflow.

While you’re getting things in order, be sure to have the appropriate paperwork organized and available. Document your care and maintenance so the buyer has confidence in the property. This includes home insurance paperwork to show any claims and repairs that occurred while you lived in the home.

Realize the buyer may order another inspection

Even after you’ve had a home inspection and made additional repairs, the buyer may order another inspection during the closing of the home sale.

This is common and the buyer generally pays for it themselves. For the buyer, it’s a good way to get peace of mind that improvements have been made and everything is in good, working order.

Is your investment protected?

Your home is the largest investment you may ever make – be sure to keep it protected throughout the entire sale process. And when you’re ready for insurance on your new home, we’re only a phone call or click away.

Are you protected appropriately? We can review your coverage and costs to help you find out. Contact us at Westwood Insurance Agency today!