Renters Insurance

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When renting, your landlord’s insurance policy won't cover your personal belongings. Protect what's important to you with a renters policy that fits your needs and budget.

Renters Insurance

Whether you are renting an apartment, duplex or home, it is important to protect your personal belongings. Your landlord’s policy provides protection only for the building itself and does not include your possessions.

Westwood can help you find a renters insurance policy that fits your needs and price range. To make things even easier for you, we may be able to help with the cost of your deposit via a surety bond.

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Why Renters Insurance?

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Never underestimate the value of your possessions — you’ll be surprised how much it would cost to replace them! It’s also important not to overlook your personal liability if a friend or guest is injured during a visit to your apartment or rental unit.

Therefore, it makes sense to purchase a Renters policy — and it’s more affordable than you may think! It’s a small investment for your peace of mind.

What’s included in Renters Insurance?

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  • Replacement or repairs to personal belongings such as furniture, clothes, luggage, electronics and more that are damaged or lost due to an event or circumstance covered by your policy.
  • Medical expenses for guests who are injured at your rental unit.
  • Financial help for legal representation in a lawsuit against you related to an injury or loss that occurred in your rental unit.
  • Additional living expenses, up to the policy limit, if your rental unit is not inhabitable due to a covered event or circumstance.

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